Top 3 Reasons to Keep Your School Buildings Constantly Clean

What better time than National Teacher Appreciation Day to talk about the importance of keeping your school clean! Did you know that cleanliness can boost student productivity, create a healthier school environment, and instill positive habits for the long run?

Besides picking up the minor messes left behind by students every day, schools must clean on a deeper level. A professional commercial cleaning company can clean all areas and provide a multitude of benefits. Below are the Top 3 reasons.

1. Healthier Teachers, Students, and Faculty

Students, teachers, and faculty come in close contact with each other all day, every day. Some are healthy and others are under the weather. The result is germs lurking everywhere. A regular, deep cleaning schedule can keep the school environment clean enough to reduce the likelihood of infection spread, allowing teachers to stay well and keep working.

Teachers remain healthy and they can carry out their lesson plans on schedule rather than bringing in substitutes. Students learn more efficiently and effectively with the continuity of their teachers with their lesson plans.

When the school is kept clean the spread of germs and illness is reduced for everyone. The business of running the school runs more efficiently when employees are not out sick. Students are healthier and miss less class time which results in higher grades.

A clean working environment isn’t only about germs and bacteria but also allergies. A steady schedule of deep cleaning protects teachers, students, and employees who battle allergies to pollen, dust, and mold.

2. Increased Productivity

Too many schools leave daily cleaning and sanitizing of classrooms to the teachers. This is a mistake for so many reasons. It is like having Alex Cora (manager of the Boston Red Sox) clean the locker room after every game. It just doesn’t make sense. He needs to plan for the next game deciding who will play what position, in what order will they bat, and who will be the starting pitcher. And what does Alex know about best practices to keep the locker room clean and safe?

Teachers are in the same situation. They need to spend their time planning lessons, grading papers, and planning homework. They also need to take time for themselves to recharge so they can bring their positive energy to their classes the next day. Cleaning their own classrooms takes away from the time that they need to be at the top of their teaching game. By hiring a commercial cleaning company, schools help improve overall productivity and sends a supportive and positive message to teachers, staff, and students alike.

3. More Engaged Learning

There is proof that clean classrooms can have a significant impact on students as well as their ability to achieve higher grades. Similarly, graduation rates for clean schools tend to be higher than that of unkempt schools.

Hire a Proven Local Commercial Cleaning Company for your School

These are just the top 3 reasons why it is important to keep your school perpetually clean. Keeping your learning environment healthy means keeping it cleaned regularly for faculty, teachers, and students alike.

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