Considerations When Hiring a Medical Cleaning Company

Proper cleaning of medical and healthcare facilities is critically important. You can’t just hire any commercial cleaning company, you need to choose a company that goes far beyond appearances cleaning! 

Medical Cleaning requires the cleaning staff have more specialized training. The cleaning crew must ensure a safe and hygienic space for staff, patients, and visitors. 

So how can you be sure your medical cleaning company is up to the task?

There are certain questions to ask potential medical cleaning companies. Let’s take a look at a few. 

Patient safety and security is critical. Does your cleaning company have a documented and thorough employee screening process? They need to:

  • do thorough criminal background checks
  • drug screening
  • check the accuracy of their social security records
  • check to be sure an employee is not on any sex offender registry 

Does your commercial cleaning company do ongoing infection control risk assessments?

An infection control risk assessment is a plan that evaluates the levels of cleanliness required in a facility with ratings such as high-touch surfaces, critical and non-critical.

Does your cleaning company use products and procedures that will reduce Healthcare-Associated Infections (HIAs)?

All disinfecting products must be hospital-grade to effectively kill bacteria. And employees must be trained to follow the directions for how long those products need to stay on surfaces to work effectively. Procedures must be clearly defined for cleaning all patient areas and surgical areas. The cleaning company must also seek frequent feedback to make sure those stand­ards are being met. 

Does your cleaning company provide detailed reports delivered directly to your email inbox?

Ata Cleaning Services provides systemic quality-control written inspections, emailed directly to our customers. We also customize cleaning schedules to what works best for your needs and schedule, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

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