The Dirtiest Spots in Your Office 

Offices are shared spaces. Even with private cubicles, desks, and personal items, you cannot avoid sharing certain areas with your co-workers. Now, it may not be a big deal if you have a janitorial service cleaning regularly. However, you might be surprised to know there are many spaces in offices that are filthy and disgusting.

These are areas that are breeding grounds for bacteria, and whenever you use them, you will need to sanitize them. so what spaces are they? Read on to learn more. 

Doorknobs and Handles

It’s easy to forget that doorknobs and handles of any kind (cabinets and desks included) are some of the dirtiest spaces of any office. Think about it, they are used by everyone all day, every day. They are not only touched by people but keys, bags, and other items that track bacteria, viruses, and dirt. The worst part is it is not easy to clean them due to the many corners and crevices. The best tactic is to sanitize them with disinfectant or sanitizer.


We all know that bathrooms are problematic in any setting, but even more so in office settings. Not only are toilet bowls, sinks, and other parts in the toilet, difficult to clean but are also hard to sanitize with many parts being difficult to reach. We all know that bathroom surfaces are continuously exposed to different particles like urine, feces, and blood from lots of people, every day. Gross, yes, but the only way to protect people from the bacteria that grows from this is to clean and sanitize the areas as frequently as possible.

Conference Rooms and Tables

Multiple people use these areas and surfaces to meet with coworkers and clients on a daily basis. They are also used frequently for coffee breaks and lunches so tables can be contaminated by food and various fluids. You can see dirt or spots on the table and even clean it. The problem is bacteria can multiply quickly so you need to sanitize these areas to protect those who are sensitive and susceptible to bacteria.

Light Switches

How many hands are touching the light switches each day in your business? Dirty and germy hands bring bacteria to light switches. To prevent growth, you need to frequently clean and Preferably sanitize with disinfectant.


Computer and laptop keyboards are another hotbed of germs and grow bacteria. They are frequently forgotten areas to clean and sanitize. Because there are so many tiny holes and crevices in keyboards it is nearly impossible to completely remove it all.


The next time you clean your offices be sure to hit these dirtiest of surfaces with not only cleaners but sanitizers. You can also recommend people use hand sanitizer throughout the day between cleanings. If you need commercial cleaning services on Cape Cod or in Plymouth be sure to contact us.

Ata Cleaning Services offers janitorial and maintenance services ensuring that you and your team remain healthy and safe in your space.