Schools Need Janitorial Cleaning Services Over the Summer

School summer vacation is a time of joy for everyone-students, teachers, and staff alike enjoy the time away with sun and fun for all, and no homework!

It is also the perfect time of year for a deep cleaning of the entire school before the new school year. Make no mistake the janitorial staff does an admirable job during the year cleaning on a daily basis. But nothing compares to a hard reset over the summer! 

Here are just a few of the areas that should be focused on over summer break: 

Window Cleaning 

Students have a way of leaning against windows, touching them, and more on a daily basis so keeping them well cleaned is difficult. The summer break is the perfect time to wash all the windows and glass doors.

Windows can become a breeding ground for all types of bacteria and mold which can become a health hazard for students, teachers, and other staff. By doing a deep cleaning the school will not only look great for the new school year, but it will also make the entire building safer for all occupants and visitors.

Scrubbing of the Walls

The walls of the hallways, gyms, locker rooms, bathrooms, offices, and classrooms take a lot of wear and tear throughout the school year. Students write notes and messages on them, tape up notices, and more. Clubs decorate for school events leaving tape and sticky residue everywhere. Then there are all the students who lean against the walls and lockers every day of the school year.

A janitorial cleaning service will literally scrub every wall clean over a summer. They first wash with cleaning agents and brushes. Every product that is used should be safe enough to get everything clean but protect all painted surfaces.

Washing and Waxing Floors 

School floors achieve some of the worst abuse day in and day out of any organization with the possible exception of airports. The volume of students, employees, and teachers that hit the floors daily puts a lot of stress on the floors.

Dirt, bacteria, mold, and general wear and tear really requires school floors to be washed, stripped, and waxed at least annually. This will not only ensure a healthier school environment but will prolong the life of the flooring which will save the school money long-term.


Janitors do their best during the school year, but everyone can benefit from having a professional janitorial cleaning service come in to do a deep cleaning over the summer.  They have the newest and safest equipment to handle the job, not to mention the size staff required to achieve the desired results.

What better way to start off a new school year than with a bright and cheery school that is clean and healthy from the moment students and teachers come back?